Are you a suspect or an accused of a crime in Budapest or anywhere else in Hungary?

Is your family member under custody in Hungary and you are concerned what is going on with him or her or what are the possibilties in his or her case? Are you looking for a criminal defence attorney, a criminal lawyer in Hungary?
If there is a criminal procedure you are involved in and you are facing criminal charges in Hungary, as a forigner citizen you need to have effective help.

If you want a hungarian defence attorney, who really cares about your case, please do not hesitate to contact dr. Enikő Király criminal justice lawyer using any of her contact details listed on this website.

What can dr. Enikő Király do for you?

  • helps you to understand the charges against you
  • let you know what rights you have during the criminal procedure
  • gives you all the relevant information you need to know about your case
  • drafts and argues motions
  • represents your case during the investigation and in the court as well
  • builds and reccomends a defence strategy for your specific facts
  • unfolds all the extenuation in your case

Main practice areas:

  • Drug offences
  • homicide, voluntary manslaughter, battery, professional misconduct
  • DUI
  • weapons offences
  • violent offences
  • property offences

Other practice areas:

Dr. Király’s legal practice covers all the type of the crimes, except for child abusing and sexual offences.

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